Our Preschool operates Monday to Friday during NSW Government school terms.


Green Group: 7:30am - 3:00pm (Monday & Tuesday)

Blue Group:    9:00am - 3:00pm (Wednesday, Thursday & Friday)


Children are not able to be on the premises before or after these times unless they are enrolled and booked into OOSH or Vacation Care for that session. 

The Preschool is closed on public holidays and designated pupil free days. 

All preschool children are able to access before and after school care. Pre-schoolers must be 4 years or older to access Vacation Care.

Before School Care - 6:30am - 9:00am

After School Care - 3:00pm - 6:00pm or 6:30pm during daylight saving

Vacation Care - 6:30am - 6:00pm or 6:30pm during daylight saving



What to bring to Preschool each day 


  • A nutritious and litter-free morning tea and lunch. 

  • A bottle of water. 

  • 2 changes of spare clothes (including underwear) as we sometimes get wet, muddy, smothered in paint or all 3! Long pants and long sleeves for rainforest explorers.

  • A comfort toy if needed.

  • Plenty of energy and inquisitiveness. 


Please ensure your child is dressed in comfortable clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, painted on and which allow for climbing. If you’re worried about your child’s clothes being damaged or stained, we recommend you purchase a Preschool t-shirt. 


Your child needs to wear shoes that are comfortable, with a covered toe and strap around their heel or ankle. Thongs are a tripping hazard and not permitted.


On rainforest days children need to be dressed in long-sleeved shirts and long pants with gumboots for exploring.


Please label EVERYTHING! We're sure this is where all the lost odd socks live! And you’d be surprised how many children don’t even recognise their own underwear. 



  • Toys (we have plenty here). 

  • Chocolate or foods containing chocolate such as choc-chip muesli bars or chocolate biscuits, lollies, Roll Ups, chips, cordial, fruit juice, nuts, peanut butter or Nutella

  • Litter! Our sustainability policy encourages children about protecting our environment. Please refrain from sending lunches with disposable plastics or packaging. Instead, please use reusable containers.

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As part of our record keeping we are required to maintain current details of your child’s immunisation status. Please bring a copy of your child’s 'Immunisation History Statement' when you enrol.


Due to changes to the immunisation laws, we are unable to enrol children who are not immunised.



Bilambil Community Preschool & OOSH Inc. maintains policies on a range of issues including: 


· Our Philosophy

· Child Protection 

· Guiding Behaviour

· Inclusion, Anti-Bias and Cultural Diversity 

· Transition to School 

· Nutrition 

· Immunisation 

· Illness / Infectious Diseases

· Accidents and Medication Procedures 

· Cleanliness and Sanitation 

· Emergency Policy and Procedures 

· Children’s Safety 


These policies are reviewed bi-annually as per our Policy Review Schedule and are discussed at Committee meetings. As policies are reviewed, these are emailed out to families and all input is welcomed. Just ask one of our friendly educators for a copy of the review schedule. 


All parents and members of our association are required to abide by the policies and procedures of the service. A set of policies is located at the Centre. There is also a copy of the Children’s Services Regulations and the National Law that we are governed by. Ask one of our friendly staff if you wish to view a copy.


Bilambil Community Preschool & OOSH are mandatory reporters. This means we are compelled by law to report to Family & Community Services if we perceive indicators of abuse or neglect. 

· Parental Involvement 

· Parent Access to Children 

· Excursions 

· Payment of fees 

· Complaints and Grievances 

· Staffing 

· Sun Protection 

· Health Records 

· Anaphylaxis 

· Sleep and Rest

· Orientation
· Code of Conduct

Brilliant preschool artwork!
Brilliant preschool artwork!

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