The ongoing improvement and upgrading of our facilities is always a focus for Bilambil Community Preschool & OOSH.


We are committed to meeting the ever-changing and diverse needs of our community which means always looking ahead to see what we can do next.


During 2014 we began plans for a revamp of the lower half of our playground as part of our focus to connect children to nature. Our vision included:

  • construction of a dry creek bed with water pump at the top

  • the back of the stage opened up and a lower platform built behind it to enable a better connection with the rainforest

  • creation of a garden along the boundary of our premises between the fence and the footpath


In 2015 we were able to continue our playground enhancement with:

  • additional veggie garden

  • tiered seating around the stage

  • a flat grassed area for group games and active play

  • a new natural sandpit

  • a musical wall on the side of the stage

  • an outdoor mud kitchen below the shed.


Throughout 2016 we created:

  • a shelter over the new sandpit

A long term project is to see the demolition of our amenities block and relocation of the toilets into a new more easily accessible area for the children. The major works planned include an extension to the main building to provide more room to expand our services to the community.


2018 Update - We have been approved for a Capital Works Grant from NSW Early Childhood Education and Care Directorate and are waiting for our Funding Agreement to be signed by the Department of Education.


Branding & Graphics by Kylie Burns


Brilliant preschool artwork!
Brilliant preschool artwork!