At Bilambil Community Preschool & OOSH we understand the power of play. As children explore the world around them they learn new skills and gain new abilities. Our educators are skilled at listening to the children and adapting their programs to their interests so your children learn through what they love.


As a community-based service we have a fundamental belief that in order for us to care for and educate your child to the highest possible standards we must work closely together with you as the parent.


We acknowledge that you know more about your child than we will ever know. It is our aim to unite your detailed information about your child with our professional knowledge and skills to create the best possible opportunities for your child to grow and develop.


School readiness is an integral part of our program. We aim to gently progress children to become independent, responsible, confident, thoughtful, reflective, creative, expressive, skilful and to love learning.


One of the ways we do this is through engagement with Bilambil Public School. We use the school's library, join in on special celebration days and watch visiting shows in the school's hall. This gives our pre-schoolers a taste for what school is like and helps in their transition to school life.


Families, children and visitors are always welcome and valued at Bilambil Community Preschool & OOSH. Family participation enhances the Preschool experience for everyone, especially your child.  We love to see Mums, Dads and Grandparents getting involved. If you have a special skill or speak a second language we'd love you to come along and share it with us

Call Us: (07) 5590 7722   /   /  418 Bilambil Road, Bilambil NSW 2486

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